What else could be a better celebration idea than devouring the best Italian food in London?

Italians celebrate the New Year’s Eve, known as the Capodanno, Vigiliaor Festa di San Silvestro, with a wholesome cenone (big feast). This celebratory last meal of the year often features several courses intended to last for many hours. The foods served by the Italians are symbolic of wishes for the New Year and are largely accompanied by countless festive drinks like Prosecco or Spumante (sparkling wine).

While there are special traditional menu items for this last meal of the year extravaganza, the only real requirement is that the food should be scrumptious and served wholeheartedly – and, of course, accompanied by loads and loads of wine! *which we take pretty seriously at The Grapevine*

Setting up a large table for family and friends and sampling traditional Italian recipes was all before we opened The Grapevine, an Italian restaurant on Old Street. To keep your focus more on the eating than cooking, we invite you to our humble abode for the last memorable dinner of 2020!


Here are some of the dishes we’d be serving for a re-imagined feast to give this timeless tradition a delicious twist that everyone will enjoy.


If you want to make your last 2020 evening the most tasteful evening of the year, devour some Carbonara. This dish is deviously simple – spaghetti, cheese, eggs, pecorino, cured guanciale, and black pepper. Our to-good-to-be-true version of Carbonara will change your life. We make sure to blend in with all the perfect ingredients to come up with a recipe that will inspire your taste buds to have Italian food for the whole of 2020.

Polpette Arrabbiata

Perfect for a cold evening of 31st December when you want a creamy but at the same time a consistent dish. Our Polpette Arrabbiata is the right combination of simpler elements – garlic, chilli, beef meatball, tomato sauce, parmesan, and basil – settled together in a warm platter to get you into the wholesome farewell 2020 mood.

Crab Linguine

The fresh flavours of simple pasta dishes like Crab Linguine work beautifully together and make for a delicious New Year eve’s meal. Our Crab Linguine will burst into your mouth with the flavourful mishmash of lemon zest, garlic, chilli, parsley, white crab meat, and datterini tomatoes – have it with a chilled glass of white wine and wish yourselves all the best for the new year.

Traditional Italian Tiramisu

Top off your New Year eve’s meal with a hearty serving of Tiramisu, which is probably Italy’s most beloved after-dinner dessert. Our best Italian restaurant in London is the house of the finest Italian desserts. This no-bake sweet parfait features alternating layers of sweetened, soft mascarpone cheese and scrumptious coffee-soaked ladyfingers. Our tiramisu features only the highest quality of mascarpone and coffee, which are the key takeaways of the best tiramisu. What else could be the best sweet delight to finish off 2020?

The wines

We sure know how to put you into the food comma after you’ve devoured some of the best Italian food bliss. The wine list at The Grapevine is going to put you in eventfully graceful awe (read drunk). Diamarine Coteaux Varois En Provence Rose, Gavi Antario Docg, Chianti Fontella, and so much more…

Check out our wine list here.

Lastly, fireworks

In Italy, it’s strongly believed that fireworks chase away bad spirits, so never risk your evening by missing a colorful display. We at The Grapevine, wish you a blissful 2021 with all the Italian warmth and hope to attend you on our tables in 2021 too!