With love, from Italy.  

Valentine’s Day chiefly serves as a reminder of how important it is to keep the spark of romance alive in our relationships – and as the day approaches, every starry-eyed lover is getting ready to indulge their Valentine in a romantic celebration.

Now the concept of romantic celebration is different for everyone. For some, it’s popping the question, some plan an extravagant trip to Italy, and some feed themselves on love from Italy – yes, we are hyping you up for a wholesome Italian dinner date at The Grapevine.

If there are any two things Italians are famous for, it’s art and passion – the two essential ingredients for romance. And at The Grapevine, our Italian menu for the day is packed with both, making it perfect for an amorous night in.

Music may be declared as the food of love, but Italian food is the standalone food of romance. Here’s why it’s meant to be suited to seduction.

The Grapevine - Valentines Day

Italy – the copyright of modern romance

Italy is the mother of modern romance. From our modern marriage traditions – ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ tradition, the wedding veil – to grab n’ go meals like pasta and canapés, Italy is deeply enriched into our soul and taste buds. It would be entirely unfair to never think of Italian food when planning a date with a loved one.

The richness of Italian cuisine and the aroma of stirred passion is what you need to woo your valentine yet again in 2020 – what better place than The Grapevine to get all of it?

Italian Feasting for Valentine (read; poetry melting in your mouth)

Famously, Shakespeare set many of his known romantic comedies in Italy, including The Taming of the Shrew – and let’s not forget his most famous romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, which was set in Verona. Reading (or watching) any of Shakespeare’s plays, tragedy, or comedy, you’ll notice one pivotal thing – the feasts.

It is believed that Italians equate their food with love – also defines how our menu is courted. At The Grapevine, we invite you to devour our special valentine menu, which is specifically designed with keeping seduction and passion in mind.

Antipasti dine; with love and wine

The sensuousness of the antipasti you order at The Grapevine, aka the best Italian Restaurant in London, is the perfect way to excite your lover. Dine over at ours and enjoy oysters and a glass of Prosecco with a lush Italian spread of starters, mains, and dessert.

At The Grapevine, our Valentine’s Day special menu will ignite the passion in your romance until next time. So keep the flames of love burning by exciting your love and taste buds with a fine dinner date, all Italian Style.


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