It’s surprising how libraries have maintained their charm for true book lovers.

For people who grew up down the street from their local library, have spent a lot of childhood there, either hidden away in the stacks reading books, using the internet to access Myspace or meeting up with friends and class fellows to work on school projects. There’s not a single thing that can dim the luminance of such a space where all the cool kids used to gather and have geek parties. But in today’s current climate of digitisation, intolerance, and ignorance, many people are straying away from the libraries. However, for hardcore bookworms, libraries are still their happy place.

So without further ado, here’s just a selection from the myriad reasons why libraries are still the most charming little corners of this huge world running on the speed of the internet.

Libraries are free

Need we say more? The journeys you can go on with a single library card are endless and unforgettable, and they cost you absolutely nothing. As well as being able to borrow DVDs, books, and audio books at no cost, public libraries are a free ticket to author events, book clubs, assignment help sessions and computer classes.

Libraries cleanse mind and soul

Books are clearly the food for the soul, and libraries are secret hubs to snuggle in and devour some. Libraries are a space where you can switch off from the instant, fast-paced, demanding strains of the stressful 21st-century life. A nearby library plays a great role in helping and alleviating mental health issues. Libraries are a significant part of moving moments for people; they protect, support, and nurture great minds.

A great treat for senses

Hands in the air who loves the smell of books? Same, friends, same. New ones. Old ones. We love them all. As well as the visual feast of stacked books rows upon rows, of all shapes and sizes that aesthetically pleases one’s eyes when entering a library. The whole visceral experience of the library for each of our senses is the one that cannot be easily forgotten.

“Library is a place of refuge and a place of inspiration.” – Jacqueline Wilson.

Libraries are open to anyone

Libraries have no age limits. They welcome kids and grandpas and everyone in between alike. From a 34-year-old on a wheelchair to a child struggling with her 11+ to members of the WI, libraries evoke a sense of companionship, harmony, and equality among people. Just as in Jacqueline Wilson’s “The Illustrated Mum”, dyslexia-sufferer Dolphin Westwood sits beside Oliver, a boy bright beyond his years, and they enjoy “Where The Wild Things Are together” in the library. Libraries are there for everyone – no matter what age and what mind.

Libraries give birth to the great writers

If it wasn’t for libraries, and the love for reading, we wouldn’t have as many writers as we have today. They went to growing up, reading, studying in and used as an escape from which to embark on their journeys as (now bestselling) authors. Libraries are a part of every writer’s earliest childhood memories.

At The Grapevine, we share our mutual love for all things books and library. Our secret library down the basement is a perfect getaway in the town for every book junkie. We wholeheartedly welcome our book club family to as many reading sessions as they like with a glass of wine.