Food and Wine – Celebrating New Year’s Eve the Italian Way

Setting up a large table for family and friends and sampling traditional Italian recipes was all before we opened The Grapevine, an Italian restaurant on Old Street. To keep your focus more on the eating than cooking, we invite you to our humble abode for the last memorable dinner of 2020!

Celebrate This Valentine’s Day Al Dente!

Valentine’s Day chiefly serves as a reminder of how important it is to keep the spark of romance alive in our relationships – and as the day approaches, every starry-eyed lover is getting ready to indulge their Valentine in a romantic celebration.

Exploring Italian Food Culture in the Heart of Shoreditch

But what, exactly, is Italy’s food culture? At The Grapevine, one of the best Italian restaurants in Shoreditch, we’re proud to bring you the authentic Italian cuisine with a ravishing spin into the heart of Londoners. So in this post, we’d like to take you deep into the insights of what makes Italian food culture as magical and passionate as it is.

5 Things about Libraries We Love – Even in This Digital Era

For people who grew up down the street from their local library, have spent a lot of childhood there, either hidden away in the stacks reading books, using the internet to access Myspace or meeting up with friends and class fellows to work on school projects.

5 Bestselling Books of 2019 to Have Better Insight into Your Life

Most intellectuals and business people pride themselves on being renegades and going against the grain. But it won’t be fair by any means to allow your desire to be different, keeping you from enjoying the books everyone else is reading and praising.