This year we are joining in the 22nd year of celebrating World Book Day taking place on 7th March 2019. A day where children and adults of all ages come together to appreciate reading.

The main aim of World Book Day is to encourage and explore the pleasures of books and reading. This is all too important in an era of technology where the enjoyment of a simple book is fading. 


However with the sales of physical books growing again, e-books take a decline. After all books are a labour of love, not a money-making machine.

So as it’s World Book Day, what is the purpose of a book?

Books are used for many reasons, entertainment, religious purposes, studying and more! Books are incredible and teach us so much

Researchers at the University of Sussex found that after six minutes of reading, the reader’s stress level was reduced by up to 68 per cent. A 2013 survey by the Book Trust said, ‘People who read books regularly are on average more satisfied with life, happier and more likely to feel the things they do in life are worthwhile.’

Some book facts..

Completed in 800 AD, the Book of Kells is the world’s most famous and oldest book, containing 680 pages. The book is Ireland’s most lavish and glorious of Ireland’s illuminated manuscripts.

The book is an exquisite copy of the first four gospels in Latin.

Here at The Grapevine we want to celebrate the hype of a good book too! To help us commemorate, we will be hosting an open mic event with poetry reciting and specialist story tellers. We have invited three budding artists to share their stories with us, Acafella Poet, Haroon Khan, Sarah Callaghan & ‘Tiri The Seed’.

Each artist brings their uniqueness to the world of books and storytelling, poetry and creativity..


Acafella is the energetic host and organiser of the 3 P’s, London’s liveliest open mic. First and foremost, he is a story teller and a poet. Drawing inspiration from character shaping life experiences, observations around societies many disparities and struggles with mental health his poems are raw, honest and uncompromising. 

Acafella uses his natural charisma to engages with audiences and leave nothing behind as he bears his soul through dynamic poetic recitals and intensity. His poetry is for people who want to word and sounds to take them on a journey they can smell, taste and touch…

Haroon is a writer and storyteller based in South London who draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources including hip hop and Asian cinema. Much like his hip hop heroes he draws on and samples different sources and interprets them through his own unique lens. His work encompasses themes including mental health, identity and surviving and healing from past trauma.

Sarah is an award-winning comedian and writer who has taken the comedy scene by storm with her frank and fearless style. After building a career for herself over the last decade she’s toured across Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Europe. Her television appearances and comedy shows boast her artistry.

Working alongside that path, Sarah is a gifted spoken word artist. After a year of taking the world of poetry by storm she is ready to share her story with the world.

Tiri the Seed’ is a Spoken Word artist whose heart lies in creativity, this extends to the creation of visual content, music production and beat making. The root of his art form is poetry. Having come from background of Rapping and MCing, Tiri is heavily influenced by music.


His style floats in and out of a Rap style structure while consciously staying within the poetry spectrum. A deep thinker Tiri intends to #sowtheseed that entices and inspires ideas, creativity and most of all people to be themselves.

We pride ourselves on promoting the good book and want to be part of the compelling journey that the reader takes.