Embracing our self being is all too important so we aim to focus on the little things in life such as a good book, a tasty wine or cup of healthy coloured coffee. Our attention is bought to a most recent frenzy of Drink and Draw

Dating back to 1920’s Paris and originally popular in New York, this ‘in’ vogue past time has made its way to the UK, Drink and Draw is an art class for both seasoned scribblers and clueless beginners – but with drinking


Mixing a drink, a drawing event and a bit of social helps one reduce their inhibitions and embrace creativity

A teacher talks through the basics of drawing, how to outline, shade using pencils and various other tools. Of course there is no presumption of existing skills or natural brilliance just good old chatter, joking and encouragement. All drawing challenges are designed to be fun, informative – just bring along your open mindedness and enthusiasm. The end result is a collection of gorgeous drawings and lovely attempts – that’s the beauty of Drink and Draw, Wine goggles!

However all fun aside, Drawing actually has some great health benefits and works wonders for your wellbeing. It improves your memory, helps de-stress calming the mind – similar to mindfulness and meditation yet its more tangible and visual. It strengthens your creativity, making use of your imagination and encouraging the mind to wonder.

It helps with problem solving, teaching us to understand there are multiple solutions to a single problem and finally it can help you understand yourself – putting you in contact with your inner self. If you become more in touch with yourself then you can become more in touch with other people.

So join us at The Grapevine for a relaxing session of Drinking and Drawing, this takes place every last Saturday of the month in our secret get away Basement converted Library.

Each event has a different creative focus so no two evenings are ever the same! There’s a glass of wine included for every ticket bought just to get you started of course…