Our traditional cup of coffee is no ordinary beverage. Prepared from freshly roasted coffee beans by Perky Blenders, cultivated from over 70 countries, the trusty latte is an original and much enjoyed refreshment for many.

However as the times move forward so does the simplicity of a cup of coffee, ranging from Café Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Flat White, Macchiato, Mochaccino.. the list is endless. Most recently launching the growing popularity of ‘Coloured Coffees’.

Here at The Grapevine, we have introduced bright, beautifully coloured ‘Rainbow’ lattes varying from green, pink & yellow.

These colours are created by healthy natural powders turning the regular coffee into Superfood drinks. Rainbow Lattes do not contain caffeine however use a variety of flavours such as turmeric, beetroot, green algae and matcha tea to add colour and nutritional benefits. Each of these lattes can also be served with oat milk, almond or coconut milk.

A popular Latte is made with Matcha green tea powder, a healthier alternative to your habitual morning cup of coffee giving you a slow release boost of energy as opposed to a rise and crash of normal caffeine. So enjoy your Latte whilst glowing inside out!

Coffee and books – the perfect pairing

Of course we are always excited to talk about the pairing of books with drinks, so we’ll talk about Books and Coffee. A match made in book-lover’s heaven, visit The Grapevine to grab a book and a perfectly matched coffee…a perfect way to unwind no matter what time it is

Coffee and books are a classic pairing, going together like pasta & wine and peanut butter and chocolate. Is there anything better than cracking the spine of a brand-new read while hugging a hot mug of something caffeinated to your chest?

Enjoy a sweet and decadent Mocha whilst nosing through Allison Pearson’s delightfully, witty and big-hearted novel ‘How Hard can it be?’

Or perhaps a ‘Long Black’ coffee with a powerful and heart-breaking novel by Jesse Blackadder, Sixty Seconds

Escape with the lovable characters in You be Mother by Meg Mason to a frothy cappuccino

An Espresso Shot to A moveable Feast by Earnest Hemingway, pairs perfectly with the short to the point sentences in this book

A Latte with the queen of romance Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice would be uncomplicated, nothing other then coffee and cream! 

Whatever mix you like there is always a matching book within our collection and of course we always want to hear your recommendations.

Becoming a member of the The Grapevine’s Bookclub would entitle you to 10% off all food and drink items a great saving to share amongst friends and family. Along with being the first in the know about up and coming events plus the reading room would be at your disposal for any meetings or gatherings. A great place to socialise, meet and discuss your view on coffees.