“The digital revolution was expected to kill traditional publishing. But print books are ever more beautifully designed and lovingly cherished” The Guardian, 2017

Nothing can beat the feeling of turning the pages and the exhilarating scent of musty paper of a real paperback book. However, from the early 2000s, the way readers consume a book have changed and shifted towards digital. Audiobooks and ebooks have become a convenient way to read as it is easy to carry, and a book can be purchased in a click. Surprisingly, after reaching Its peak in 2014, the sales of digitally published books slowed down, and paperback books surged again. According to the Publishing Association, there has been a 17% decrease in the sales of ebooks in 2016 and an 8% rise in paperback books. Which means there is still a thriving community of physical book readers and there is hope that paperback books will never be extinct!

At the Grapevine, we are a bunch of creatives who still believes in fairy tales and good food ?

The Grapevine isn’t your regular coffee shop with unlimited coffees and beverages to your taste, it’s a hidden gem amongst the busy streets of Shoreditch.

Providing contemporary, healthy and wholesome food dishes guaranteed to win a place in your favourites. With an imaginative menu of elegantly-presented dishes to mouth-watering desserts, you’ll be blown away by the array of choice.

But why are we different?

 Well for starters the reading room is a unique feature. Filled with a library full of books inviting you into a world of adventure whilst saving the paperback book culture. This is a special space to just export you to a place of relaxation, enjoy a captivating paperback with a glass of wine or freshly brewed coffee. Or prefer reading in Groups? We have regular Book clubs and budding authors within the mix.

Becoming a member of the The Grapevine’s Bookclub would entitle you to 10% off all food and drink items a great saving to share amongst friends and family. Along with being the first in the know about up and coming events plus the reading room would be at your disposal for any meetings or gatherings. A great place to socialise, meet new acquaintances or just chill with friends.

So do visit…we are so much more than the ordinary establishment – Let’s save paperback books together smile